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Are Dental Implants Safe?

Article written by Levy Law Firm.

Many people are searching for information about dental implants. After all, they’re the closest thing to real teeth. And, they can be a life saver if you’ve lost a front tooth that affects your smile. The real question on everyone’s mind is: Are dental implants safe?

The short answer is yes, they are. For most people, you can get one or more teeth replaced and your friends will never know the tooth isn’t real. It can be a short, simple procedure if you just have one or two teeth that need replacing.

In general, dentists say that dental implants are safe as long as the patient is relatively healthy and fully aware of what to expect. They are expensive though, and sometimes people will search for cheaper rates to save some money.

The cost per tooth for dental implants can be as high as $5,000 so it’s no wonder that people do look for cheaper prices. But this can lead you to a dentist that may not be experienced enough or well-trained in dental implants. And this can result in dental implant nerve injury.

For some people, this condition will persist for years or longer. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get dental malpractice information from an experienced attorney in Los Angeles or Orange County.

You may be confused about your rights and often people are in pain. They just simply aren’t sure what to do if they’ve suffered dental implant nerve injury.

Need Dental Malpractice Information?

An experienced dental malpractice lawyer can help you get the dental malpractice information you need so you can decide what to do. Reach out for help.

Submitted by Attorney Dane Levy of serving Los Angeles and Orange County with professional Dental Malpractice legal services.

What are the penalties of driving while stoned from marijuana?

Article by Delta Driving School

Even though the recreational use of cannabis was legalized in California in January 2018, driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime. Thus, to clarify what it means to drive under the influence of marijuana, the following three factors must be met:

The person must be driving the vehicle

The person must be under the influence of the drug

The person must demonstrate mental or physical impairment that hinders the ability to operate the vehicle

Penalties for marijuana-related DUIs, just as with alcohol-related DUIs will include jail time, suspension of your driver’s license, participation in DUI classes (that you will pay for), and thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention attorney’s fees. And all of this is just for a first offense.

Most cases of driving under the influence of marijuana are considered misdemeanors, but there are cases where this can be treated as a felony. The most common penalties if no one was hurt include:

 Marijuana DUI 1st Offense – Three days to six months in jail, fines, license suspension for up to four months, and three months of mandatory DUI classes.

Marijuana DUI 2nd Offense – Four days to one year in jail, significant fines, license suspension for up to two years, and 18-30 months of mandatory DUI classes.

Marijuana DUI 3rd Offense – Six months to one year in jail, significant fines, license suspension for up to three years, and 30 months of mandatory DUI classes.

DUIs of any kind will count against you as an offense, so if you have a previous alcohol-related offense, the marijuana-related offense will be the next offense. Fines and legal fees related to a marijuana DUI can easily exceed $10,000, even for a first offense.

About the Author: This article is courtesy of Delta Driving School. They are a Driving School in La Canada, Glendale, Eagle Rock and La Crescenta in Southern California.