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What to Do in Case a Fire Starts at Your Site

Summary: If a fire ever starts in your office you need to be prepared to act quickly. Keep these safety measures in mind to find the best plan of action.

Break-ins and theft are two security concerns nearly any business needs to be prepared for but natural hazards are just as dangerous. A building fire is stressful and intense. Panicking and freezing in shock during a hazard is common but it is also incredibly dangerous. With only minutes to take action, dealing with a fire requires both effective decision-making and the right kind of mindset. Knowing how to react to a building fire can save your life.

Use the Stairs

If a fire breaks out in your office building and you need to get out, stay away from the elevator. The elevator is usually the quickest way to get to the ground floor, but elevator systems are usually connected to the fire detection system set up in the building. As such, after the alarm goes off there is a high probability that the elevator will not be usable. From interim short term management services to project management firms, these safety precautions are put in place to keep everyone safe. Instead, calmly walk towards the stairs to make your way towards the building exit.

Use Your Best Judgment

When a fire spreads your immediate reaction might be to take all of your valuables with you before exiting the building. Seasoned industry leaders like Lyle Charles Consulting and fresh startups might have important documents, files, computers, and equipment in the office. Losing expensive or valuable items in the fire can be devastating but you need to use your best judgment. When you have little time to act you need to quickly get out.