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Are Dental Implants Safe?

Article written by Levy Law Firm.

Many people are searching for information about dental implants. After all, they’re the closest thing to real teeth. And, they can be a life saver if you’ve lost a front tooth that affects your smile. The real question on everyone’s mind is: Are dental implants safe?

The short answer is yes, they are. For most people, you can get one or more teeth replaced and your friends will never know the tooth isn’t real. It can be a short, simple procedure if you just have one or two teeth that need replacing.

In general, dentists say that dental implants are safe as long as the patient is relatively healthy and fully aware of what to expect. They are expensive though, and sometimes people will search for cheaper rates to save some money.

The cost per tooth for dental implants can be as high as $5,000 so it’s no wonder that people do look for cheaper prices. But this can lead you to a dentist that may not be experienced enough or well-trained in dental implants. And this can result in dental implant nerve injury.

For some people, this condition will persist for years or longer. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get dental malpractice information from an experienced attorney in Los Angeles or Orange County.

You may be confused about your rights and often people are in pain. They just simply aren’t sure what to do if they’ve suffered dental implant nerve injury.

Need Dental Malpractice Information?

An experienced dental malpractice lawyer can help you get the dental malpractice information you need so you can decide what to do. Reach out for help.

Submitted by Attorney Dane Levy of serving Los Angeles and Orange County with professional Dental Malpractice legal services.

What are the penalties of driving while stoned from marijuana?

Article by Delta Driving School

Even though the recreational use of cannabis was legalized in California in January 2018, driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime. Thus, to clarify what it means to drive under the influence of marijuana, the following three factors must be met:

The person must be driving the vehicle

The person must be under the influence of the drug

The person must demonstrate mental or physical impairment that hinders the ability to operate the vehicle

Penalties for marijuana-related DUIs, just as with alcohol-related DUIs will include jail time, suspension of your driver’s license, participation in DUI classes (that you will pay for), and thousands of dollars in fines, not to mention attorney’s fees. And all of this is just for a first offense.

Most cases of driving under the influence of marijuana are considered misdemeanors, but there are cases where this can be treated as a felony. The most common penalties if no one was hurt include:

 Marijuana DUI 1st Offense – Three days to six months in jail, fines, license suspension for up to four months, and three months of mandatory DUI classes.

Marijuana DUI 2nd Offense – Four days to one year in jail, significant fines, license suspension for up to two years, and 18-30 months of mandatory DUI classes.

Marijuana DUI 3rd Offense – Six months to one year in jail, significant fines, license suspension for up to three years, and 30 months of mandatory DUI classes.

DUIs of any kind will count against you as an offense, so if you have a previous alcohol-related offense, the marijuana-related offense will be the next offense. Fines and legal fees related to a marijuana DUI can easily exceed $10,000, even for a first offense.

About the Author: This article is courtesy of Delta Driving School. They are a Driving School in La Canada, Glendale, Eagle Rock and La Crescenta in Southern California.

When Should You Search for Dental Malpractice Information?

Article by Levy Law Firm, Dental Malpractice Lawyers.

If you’ve been harmed by a dentist, then you’re not alone. The number of patients reporting an injury from a dentist is on the rise. The reasons for this vary but include:

Improperly trained dentists

Lack of medical oversight in the industry

The sheer number of cases

Carelessness or distracted dentistry

Your dentists may be well trained but what if he went out with friends the night before and had too much to drink? Dentists are human after all. They might get into an argument with a spouse the day before your dental implant surgery. They come to work tired and distracted, not fully focusing on the work at hand.

The results? The dentist accidentally goes too deep into the gums and causes nerve damage. Will this go away on its own? In some cases, it will. But in many cases, nerve damage to gums is permanent.

The next question is about whether or not you should see a dental malpractice lawyer. You may not fully understand your rights. You may just need to talk things out with someone to come to the right decision. You need sound dental malpractice information.

The worst part is that we often don’t know which way to turn or what to do because we’re hurting and confused. Sitting down with an attorney can clear away the confusion and help you make the right decision. And most dental malpractice attorneys offer free consultation. So why not get dental malpractice information before making a decision?


Article submitted by Attorney Dane Levy of, a dental malpractice firm serving Los Angeles and Orange County. If you’ve experienced dental implant injury, contact a California dental malpractice attorney immediately for dental malpractice information.

What to Do in Case a Fire Starts at Your Site

Summary: If a fire ever starts in your office you need to be prepared to act quickly. Keep these safety measures in mind to find the best plan of action.

Break-ins and theft are two security concerns nearly any business needs to be prepared for but natural hazards are just as dangerous. A building fire is stressful and intense. Panicking and freezing in shock during a hazard is common but it is also incredibly dangerous. With only minutes to take action, dealing with a fire requires both effective decision-making and the right kind of mindset. Knowing how to react to a building fire can save your life.

Use the Stairs

If a fire breaks out in your office building and you need to get out, stay away from the elevator. The elevator is usually the quickest way to get to the ground floor, but elevator systems are usually connected to the fire detection system set up in the building. As such, after the alarm goes off there is a high probability that the elevator will not be usable. From interim short term management services to project management firms, these safety precautions are put in place to keep everyone safe. Instead, calmly walk towards the stairs to make your way towards the building exit.

Use Your Best Judgment

When a fire spreads your immediate reaction might be to take all of your valuables with you before exiting the building. Seasoned industry leaders like Lyle Charles Consulting and fresh startups might have important documents, files, computers, and equipment in the office. Losing expensive or valuable items in the fire can be devastating but you need to use your best judgment. When you have little time to act you need to quickly get out.

2018 Farm Bill Legitimizes CBD Oil, Water and Hemp-Based Products | Consumer Info

Article Submitted by

People who want access to CBD oil, CBD water and other cannabinoid products will find plenty of encouraging news in the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill is a reflection of the American government’s growing tolerance for CBD and includes a number of progressive provisions for hemp use and cultivation.

The most important revelation is that hemp is no longer included in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) list of illegal drugs, which essentially legalizes the commercial production of hemp at the federal level.

While many states have made progress towards allowing their citizens to have access to CBD products, the changes at the federal level are much more significant. The conflation of hemp with marijuana has been a frustrating legal barrier for 80 years, blocking the use of hemp for medicinal and other purposes.

President Obama began the trend of loosening restrictions with the 2014 Farm Bill which allowed certain institutions to grow low-THC hemp for research purposes. But hemp was still conspicuously classified as illegal and this remained a barrier to commercial farming and the distribution of products like hemp oil and hemp water.

Now that the 2018 has finally removed this barrier hemp will be much more widely available. The bill also authorizes farmers to access insurance for their hemp crops. And what does the bill classify as hemp? The list has expanded considerably to include extracts, seeds, cannabinoids (like the oil and water) and other forms. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill is being celebrated by industries and consumers who want access to hemp’s wide range of uses.

Medical Marijuana Caretakers Be Wary: The Story of One Arrest

Article Submitted by Elon Berk

What do you do if you’re a medical marijuana dispensary owner, in a licensed part of the state, but you’re arrested for posession and intent to sell a controlled substance?

What Happened

Two people, a couple, pull into a gas station to get fuel and snacks. At the same time, a Sherriff’s vehicle pulls up and parks next to them. He gets out of his car, and notes the unmistakable smell of marijuana. The gentleman calmly tells the officer that he is a medical marijuana dispensary driver, and that he is delivering for a patient. Essentially acting as a caregiver.

He shows the officer all of his identification and prescription information, as well as paperwork designating him as a caretaker. The Sheriff finds approximately 2.2 oz of dry marijuana in the car, along with 2.72 oz of hashish oil and 2.21 of hashish along with just over $500 in cash.

He also found pay sheets, indicated (in writing) names and dates of sales, alongside amounts and money still owed. The Sheriff, seeing all of this, immediately arrests the gentleman.

Why the Arrest was Made

With SB 420, a patient may have up to 8 oz of dried or concentrated marijuana at any point in time. However, the law enforcement community is keen to let the District Attorney’s office decide whether to charge a patient. This bulk approach to law enforcement makes sense in a certain respect.

After all, the officer has no way of verifying the prescription is real and cannot determine at the scene if it’s legitimate. So, he or she pushes that decision up the chain.

The patient, meanwhile, is held in custody and may need to pay a bond. Is that fair? Should a patient be held in possession of any other prescription medication? In this case, the medical marijuana community can do more to educate law enforcement on legalities.

Elon Berk is the co-founder Enkrypt, a Criminal Defense Attorney, and managing partner at “Gurovich, Berk & Associates.”. Enkrypt is a secure communication app for the iPhone.

How to Build a Construction Claims Company

Summary: If you want to start your own construction claims company you should go into the venture with a plan.

Starting a business is something that can be both incredibly time-consuming and rewarding. A lot of effort and planning usually go into starting a business, simply because of all of the different factors you need to take into consideration. Having an idea is key but there are a number of other aspects you will also need to address, such as who to hire, how to get the money required to get started, how to roll the business out and grow it, and so forth.

Starting a construction claims company can give you the opportunity to help others who need the legal guidance to seek a just outcome. If you want to start a business there are a few points you should keep in mind.

Have a Flexible Plan

Many people will tell you the importance of having a business plan. While having a rough idea of what you want to do and how you want to achieve it is crucial, making sure your plans are flexible is also important. If you initially advertise yourself as a steel fabrication expert but eventually realize that there is not much of a market for that in your area, you might want to consider pivoting to another industry section.

Start Small

Another suggestion that could help you as you are growing your construction claims business is to start small. Established firms like Lyle Charles Consulting will tell you that, when you are just starting out, you will want to start small and grow a client base. Taking on too much too quickly could spread your efforts too thin. Focus on putting quality over quantity.


How an Interim Manager Can Put Your Construction Site on Track

Summary: Even if they are only there for a short period of time, interim managers can drastically change the course of a construction site.


A construction project you work on is likely going to have a number of moving parts. One of the challenges many projects face is finding a system that enables people to work well and in a timely manner. If things are not going according to plan, you may realize that you need to make changes quickly. An interim manager is someone who can join the project for a short period of time to help make changes as soon as possible.


Finding the Right One


When looking for the perfect individual to come in and help turn your construction project around, you need to be both thorough and open-minded. Do not settle for the first one you speak to, because you want to get a better idea of who is out there.


When interviewing people for the position you should be looking for both experience and mentality. Find someone who has the background that matches the needs of the project but also try to get a better understanding of what this person would do to improve the problems you and your team are currently facing. How they carry themselves and the kind of energy exude can speak volumes about how they will likely act when things get tough.


Identifying the Shortcomings


Once you have decided on an interim manager to hire, try to be open about the problems. The manager should be there to help get the project back on track and provide a fresh perspective on challenges. If the manager presents new ideas or approaches, try to keep an open mind and think about what is best for the client and the project.


Blog submitted by Lyle Charles: Lyle Charles Consulting is a leading construction consulting firm that offers construction claims consultant services. Visit them online for more information.

The Fundamentals of Project Management

Summary: If you want your next construction project to run smoothly you should first understand the basics of project management.


A great deal of planning and preparation goes into construction. Before a hammer or ladder is even picked up, a construction company should go through a series of steps to make sure the project is practical and then take the necessary steps to carry it out.


With a lot on the line, you want to be as certain as possible that you go through the process understanding the demands of the project and knowing how best to approach it.


Accepting the Project


The first step in the project management process is actually taking on the project. If you have gotten the rights to work on the project, you may want to hire a construction consultant for assistance. A consultant can help you make sense of the client’s demands and provide their expert opinion on how it should be handled.


Planning it All Out


Once you are certain you understand what the client wants, you can begin to draft a plan. Professionals at Lyle Charles Consulting, for instance, can help you lay out what you will need for the project and how you can go about getting the right people and tools. Additionally, skilled consultants can help you create a roadmap and a timeline that will keep everyone on-track to meet deadlines.


Carrying the Plan Out


Lastly, you and your team will need to actually execute the construction project. Following the proposed timeline while making sure the work environment is safe and optimized for efficiency is crucial. If problems come up, your team should calmly work together to adjust.

Police Laws

Blog written by Barry K. Rothman.

Police Laws deal with the code of conduct and the regulations that law enforcement officials have to follow. These laws are monitored by agencies like internal affairs divisions and state attorney generals. Most police laws will deal with the use of excessive force, misconduct, not reading suspects their rights, corruption, interrogation practices, and police brutality.

Police departments are considered to be non-military organizations that are overseen by the government. The main task of the police is to handle domestic issues, and not handle foreign powers overseas, as this is a military function. Apart from the police department, other agencies like sheriffs, state troopers, city police, U.S. marshals, FBI agents can exercise police powers.

The main role of the police is to preserve order. Police are granted powers in the form of force to prevent crime and the power to impose fines to protect people and property.

Although these privileges are granted to the police, their actions must be closely monitored to ensure that they are acting within the law. Sometimes police can be tempted to engage in activities that they have been asked to prevent. Often police law will be similar to constitutional and human rights laws, as these are areas that police are likely to break. Often police break laws when they get frustrated with the inability and constraints of the law to resolve cases. They then take the law into their own hands to solve a case or to get a confession out of a suspect.

Blog written by Barry K. Rothman. Read Barry K. Rothman reviews online to see how this boutique law firm helps clients throughout the entertainment industry strike a fair deal.